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Find a restroom near you in a minute

Where to Pee? Search for toilets around your current location using the GPS built-in!

The app uses your current location to find the nearest accessible bathrooms or you can search by street, suburb or place name. Don’t worry we have mapped an extensive list of restaurants, malls, hotels, etc to provide you with the best of results. Once you've selected your nearest toilet, the app will guide you directly to it with a customised route map! All you have to do is hold it until you get there!


  • - Displaying nearby toilets in a list or on the map
  • - 1000's of toilets listed and geolocated, with address and direction guide.
  • - Malls, Hospitals,Hotels, Restaurants, Railway Stations, Museums all mapped.
  • - Ranking by users and the expert team.

We would be thankful, if you rate the restroom you just visited in order to help us improving our service for you. You can also notify us with the push of one button if a toilet does not exist. If you enjoy using our application we would also appreciate your rating!

Please note that an internet connection is required to get location and map data.

Project Details

Company: ithub Digital Ventures

Available on: Android

Category: Local, Travel

Website: GottaGo.Help